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We are the UK's largest, most popular service supplying chaperones and tutors for children in entertainment.

All our chaperones are fully licensed and have enhanced disclosures from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

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Or to save your production time and stress of finding a chaperone/tutor you can simply email us the details or alternatively call us on 0844 5006865 and we'll do all the work for you, and provide all your safeguarding needs, saving your production valuable time and money.

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Safeguarding and Welfare

We're on hand to advise productions with up to date information on safeguarding and welfare to suit all productions needs in film, television, theatre and live events whether it be both nationwide and internationally.

We ensure all aspects of safeguarding are covered for the productions from start to finish, taking the pressure off your production.

We provide welfare and duty of care officers, ensuring all aspects of safeguarding when working with vulnerable adults and young adults who may require specialist chaperones.

We can tailor each individual productions safeguarding and chaperone needs whether that be live event, film, television, theatre, dance or opera. From advising on licencing and all chaperone / tutor requirements.

We are to help at the UK Chaperone Service we love what we do and pride ourselves on providing the best.

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We have the largest database of Chaperones and Tutors in the UK, with hundreds of Professional Chaperones and Tutors located all over the UK so you can rest assured you will get the perfect person who lives close to your location.

We all like to know what other productions thought of the Chaperones or Tutors they used, with us that's possible as each Chaperone and Tutor has a review section where previous employers have reviewed them.

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We can then add you to our exclusive database making it easier and quicker to provide you with chaperones and tutors, and any other safeguarding needs.


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Create and update your CV direct, complete any required training and apply for the jobs that interest you, get great feed back for the work you do, and get more work. We love that being the most popular chaperone service in the UK, help us to stay the best.

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